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Psychiatric Services

Medication Management With Your Current Therapist

People often explore pharmacologic interventions at the request of their current therapist, in order to augment their treatment. In these instances, open communication with your current therapist allows for streamlined medication services and more efficient and tailored care.

Primary Care Consult

Usually 2-3 visits, this service is offered to help direct treatment and optimize medication management for patients who are generally stable and receive the majority of their mental health care from their primary care physician. 

Medication Management

Generally managed in once a month visits, medication-only services are provided when patients are not in need of therapeutic care, or are engaged in therapy with another clinician.

Medication Evaluation Consult

This service is utilized in cases where pharmacologic intervention is being considered. Usually conducted over 2-3 sessions (4-5 for children), this is a opportunity for an in depth discussion of options and a consideration of the benefits and risks of psychopharmacologic use.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This therapeutic approach examines the patterns in people’s lives, looking at past and current relationships, in order to help develop insight and allow a freedom of choice not previously experienced.

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